Joyroom Mirror Series Lens Apple iPhone 12 clear (JR-PF730)

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Joyroom Mirror Series Full Camera Tempered Glass Camera Lens for iPhone 12 (JR-PF730) The tempered glass for the camera lens of the iPhone 12 series is an extremely practical accessory that will protect the lens against various threats resulting from everyday use of the equipment. Crystal transparency means that you do not have to worry about the quality of the photos you take. The special shape perfectly fits the entire lens, not blocking the lenses. On the other hand, the easy installation of the element means that you can easily put the glass on yourself without losing its properties. Specification: Brand: Joyroom Type: Camera tempered glass Purpose: Rear lens Hardness: 9H Compressive strength: up to 30 kg Set contains: Tempered glass for the camera The most important features: Compatible with iPhones from the 12 series Contoured edges Minimum thickness - virtually invisible element Easy to attach High-quality protection against scratches and bumps Reduction of dust settling 99.99%25 transparent Perfect covering of the camera lens The camera lens is not blocked Guaranteed safety The tempered glass for the camera lens effectively protects it against various scratches or strong blows resulting from everyday use. Among other things, it prevents scratches in front of the keys - this is the most common threat. The cover is made of high quality material with a 9H hardness class, which makes it double resistant to damage. There is no risk of it breaking even when the phone falls from a low height. The shape of the glass is perfectly matched to the iPhone 12 series (12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max) and covers the entire surface of the camera. Perfect transparency Glass provides 99.99%25 transparency. High transparency does not in any way affect the quality of the photos taken. An additional advantage is the fact that the cover reduces the attraction of dust, which protects the lens from various dirt. Extremely easy installation The precise execution of the tempered glass makes it easy to install. This element was created with the use of modern technologies, thanks to which, following the recommendations - during assembly, no air bubbles are formed under it, which could translate into less adhesion and strength of the product.